Never heard of hydrosols?  Me neither until serveral months ago and let me say these things are a hidden gem in aromatherapy.

But first, what are they?  The name hydrosol comes from Latin hydro (water) + sol (solution) and in aromatherapy they are called hydrosols, hydrolate and floral or plant waters.  More specifically, the water used during hydro or steam distillation of an essential oil is infused with plant essential oil – albeit in a diluted form since water and oil can mix only in small amounts.  But this water…this beautiful water…contains the powers of essential oils which can be applied gently to the body.

And that matters.  Because now you have a way to provide essential oil benefits softly to sensitive tissues in the body, on the skin and in some cases in the eyes.  That’s huge.

Hydrosols – Some Uses and Benefits

The uses of hydrosols are just as wide as essential oils.  I won’t go into detail per hydrosol but let me give you a quick glimpse….

Cornflower – Relaxing for the eyes

  • Allergies & Itchy Eyes (will remove the burn and itch immediately…no joke) – add water to cotton ball and apply to eye – squeeze into eye as needed (works for dogs!)
  • Conjunctivitis or Pink Eye (will reduce eye pain – please go to the Dr. for ointment as needed!)
  • Screen Eye – ya know the eyes that are tired, strained and maybe puffy after looking at screens all day – spray on/ in eyes or add waters to cotton ball and place under eyes
  • Book Eye – see screen eye above
  • Puffy Eye – see screen eye above – mmmmm….
  • Dog Hot Spots on Skin!  If your dog is scratching relentlessly spray or apply to skin.
  • General infections (I’ve used this personally to remove certain eye infections…consult Dr. for unknown eye issues)

Laurel Leaf – Lymphatic system cleaner

  • Ingest 1tsp per day for 3 weeks to clean out lymphatic system (reduce water retention, improve energy, etc)
  • Great during allergy season, flu/ cold season
  • I think it is YUM!

Rose – Mood booster

  • I’m not a huge rose fan myself, but this stuff is impressive – spritz on the face to improve your mood
  • GREAT for sensitive skin
  • helpful for strep and staph rash
  • Add to clay mask for improved benefits
  • Dog Hot Spots on Skin!  If your dog is scratching relentlessly spray or apply to skin
  • Soft rose scent which I have to admit is relaxing

Mint Medley – Digestive

  • Ingest 1/2 tsp in water per day for improved digestion
  • Spray on face for improved energy
  • Helps with early headache – spray and inhale!
  • Peppermint and Spearmint infusion

Rosemary– Hair Tonic

  • Stimulates hair growth (existing and new!)
  • Creates great overall health for hair
  • For overly oil scalp creates balanced scalp
  • Lovely for skin
  • Smells pretty great!

Ok….I really can just go on.  Each hydrosol has its own special magic.  And each time a client takes a hydrosol they are -amazed- how well they work and why no one knows about them.  Yah!  I know.

Spray Today!

DM or email me with any questions about hydrosols…there are so many and these lovely waters will make a huge difference in your life.  Check-out current hydrosols today and change your life!