Allergy Relief Kit



Allergy Season is rough!   Itchy eyes, stuffy head and nose which can lead to congestion…pretty miserable.

This kit is designed to address various aspects of allergy relief.

Breath Better – 2 A Clearing inhalers – Place the inhaler up the nostril and inhale deeply for best results.  Inhalers typically last 3-4 weeks so use as frequently as you like!  Super for on-the-go use…pop in the pocket, purse or keep in the car.  Blend contains Niaouli ct cineole, Fragonia and Cornmint essential oils!

Eye Itch relief  – 2 oz Cornflower hydrosol

  • Instant eye burn or itch relief.  This hydrosol is fantastic for the eyes…I keep finding new uses for it. For eye burn or itch you can spray in the eyes (if your eye will stay open!) or place a small amount on a cotton ball or paper towel, lean the head back and drop the water into the eyes.  This water can also be used to wipe your dogs eyes if they have bad allergies.
  • Puffy eyes – If your eyes are puffy due to extended screen-time (its a thing!), reading or general strain spray or place on eyes via cotton pad or towel.  Use anytime of day as often as you life.
  • Pink eye – First GO TO THE DR. FOR TREATMENT.  But second, this hydro will provide great eye relief.
  • Also SUPER gentle for sensitive skin – add to mask or use as a facial tonic

Lymphatic drainage, fight ear and sinus infection – 2 oz Laurel Leaf hydrosol

  • Fight ear and sinus infection by balancing and clearing the lymphatic system gently with this hydro. Add 1 teaspoon to 8 oz of water each day for 12 days.
  • Nice to mist on the face too!


Items above provide general allergy relief.  For questions about specific symptoms please contact me directly so I can better direct your needs!


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