Bee Balm


Fungal Infections of all types
Improve teenage acne
Boost immune system + Kill germs



Fungal Infections of all types
Improve teenage acne
Boost immune system + Kill germs

Ingredients: 100% natural hydrosol; Certified USDA Organic.
Origin: United States (farmed and distilled).
Botanical Name: Bee Balm (Monarda fistulosa L.)

Expressly an American plant, its tradition as a healing plant of the Native Americans shows the chemical analysis to be almost identify to thyme CT geraniol.

Uses and benefits:
Skin: Fungal infections of all kinds

  • Use as a wash or douche for the skin and genital regions
  • Foot fungus soak (followed by foot fungus blend)
  • Herpes blisters as soon as they begin to prevent further outbreak

Mouth: Great mouthwash if cavity prone.

Skin: Useful for infections, cuts, scrapes either undiluted or at 70% dilution. Teenage acne has been shown to reduce when used undiluted twice a day (use on entire face not just acenic areas)

Immune System: Boosts the immune system + kills germs.

History: Bee balm was first known to be used by Native Americans as an active diaphoretic (sweat inducer) for ceremonial sweat lodges. The Oswego-tea name finds its origin from these Native Americans, the Oswego Indians, who used it for relaxation.  Colonists used bee balm to replace black tea after high British taxation and the Boston Tea Party.

Safety: KEEP REFRIGERATED or in a COOL PLACE. Should the hydrosol ‘bloom’ or become cloudy discard immediately (all hydrosols are provided in clear glass containers).  If you are pregnant or nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your doctor prior to use.

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