Elder Flower Hydrosol


Promotes sense of Calm + Reduces Stress both mentally and physically
Immune System Booster
Gentle Circulatory Stimulant
Mild diuretic

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Ingredients: 100% natural hydrosol; Certified USDA Organic.
Origin: United States (farmed and distilled).
Botanical Name: Sambucus nigra ssp. cerulea

Uses and benefits:
Cold/ Flu: Take 1tsp each hour at the first sign of a cold to stop infection. Immune system booster.
Nervous System: Reduces mental stress and promotes sense of calm.
Other: Gentle circulatory stimulant.  Helps cool anger and ground the spirit.
Detox: Mild diuretic.

History: The ancient Elder tree was sacred to the Druids.  The tree has long been associated with the fairy world and Elder is considered to be a plant of the faerie land.  It is believed that wood spirits and elves make their home in her roots.

SafetyKEEP REFRIGERATED or in a COOL PLACE. Should the hydrosol ‘bloom’ or become cloudy discard immediately (all hydrosols are provided in clear glass containers).  If you are pregnant or nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your doctor prior to use.

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