Harry Potter House Potion Pot Set


Harry Potter Potion Pots
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Light oil to applied to hands, neck or décolletage


The Harry Potter Potion Pot set crafted for wizardkind – each pot contains a unique blend highlighting each house’s traits.

Harry Potter Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.  Not sure what your house is? Take the Harry Potter House sorting quiz.

Contains: 4 individual 1oz Potion Pots all with 100% organic grape seed oil and essential oils.  All Potion Pots are in glass jars with dropper tops.

  • Ravenclaw House – Mind expansion properties, tapping into the deeper subconscious of dreams manifesting them to reality. The physical body and magic energy regenerates rather than be depleted from the intense mental exertion toward knowledge.  An immense ability to retain what is learned and apply new creative applications for spells and your craft.
  • Gryffindor House – Provides deep protection for both the physical and spiritual realms for the many challenges and creatures the brave will encounter.  The physical body regenerates from wounds and the spiritual body remains true oneself – fixed on what is fair and just.  Added benefit of reducing motion sickness and reducing inflammation improving one’s overall quidditch performance.
  • Hufflepuff House – Broad spell use for the most skilled wizard to alter the mood of one or many – witch, wizard, muggle or creature.  It surrounds with love, calm, spiritual healing properties and sedates negative energy.  Quite useful to calm a fairy to obtain wings for potions, subduing pixies and to attract the Flitterby moth.
  • Slytherin House – Provides both physical and spiritual support when dealing in snake affairs.  Especially useful to leverage other spirits and communicate with past and not physically present entities.  Assists in adapting and remaining calm and near-trance-like.  Used by skilled wizards only.  While the potion enhances ambition, partake of too much and one will become obsessed.

For Potion Work + General Use: Place oil in hands and rub together – take a large inhale. Apply oil to neck, décolletage region to inhale scent more closely.  Or apply to skin as desired.

Skin Care Use:
For dry and rough skin, apply multiple times in dry zone
Grape seed oil is very light and I find it absorbs well into the skin – no greasy feeling.
Grape seed oil is high in Vitamin E, double the amount in olive oil!

Safety: Do not ingest.  For topical use only.  Not for natal and post-natal consumption.  Avoid for ages 5 and under.

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