Mom’s Night-In Kit


for the Super Mom in your life
supports immune system + relaxation
improves skin + sleep

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To the super moms who wake up every day and just GET IT DONE – knowing appreciation isn’t necessarily part of the job.

Designed for Mom’s who want a Night In – but can’t seem to get one.  This kit is for your never-stop-until-you-drop days!

If the thought of a hot bath for you seems like a far-away dream -OR- if you find yourself dropping into bed like finishing a marathon REWARD yourself in just a few minutes a day

Help your skin -AND- your immune system with Body Brush and Body Butter

  • Dry Brush in just 5min a day for good results (see detail on back!)
  • Follow-up with a shower, bath or wash cloth to clear way excess skin
  • Lather your skin with Deep Forest Slumber Body Butter 4oz

In a rush but need a mind + body refresh?

  • Take a bath or shower with Breather Body Scrub. Shake well then apply to skin and massage to bring your skin to a shine!  The oil leaves the skin smooth and ready for a leg shave if you’re up to it!
  • Follow-up with Breather Lotion taking a Breather with you during the day or night – 1 oz Breather body lotion. Replenish the mind + body and feel silky smooth.   Contains Puracy® lotion, Lavender, Clary Sage and Spanish Sage essential oils.

Want a reset button during the day?

Need a reminder why you’re doing all of this? 

  • Join me for a guided meditation
  • Listen whenever you like


Mom’s Night-In Kit includes:

  • Dry Body Brush
  • Deep Forest Slumber Body Butter 4oz
  • Breather Body Scrub 4oz
  • Breather Lotion 2oz
  • Mother & Earth Inhaler
  • Guided Meditation

For questions about specific symptoms please contact me directly so I can better direct your needs.


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