Self Express


Lung Health + Fights Cold, Flu
Opens Expression + Raw Creativity
Relationships + Our Role within them



Lung Health + Fights Cold, Flu
Opens Expression + Raw Creativity
Relationships + Our Role within them

Energetically constructed for the 2nd, 4th and 5th chakras.  The 2nd chakra – Sacral – is tied to relationships and our role within them also relates to our raw creativity.  The 5th chakra – relates to our expression – of self, our intentions we express and overall expression of creativity.  Where we find flow of our Qi – life force.  And our 4th chakra – the heart – for self-compassion and love of this expression.

Physically this blend has strong anti-viral, bacterial properties for the cold, flu season and strong respiratory and skin properties.  All required for creativity, flow, Qi – and expression.

100% pure Essential Oils: Ginger (Zingiber officinale), Balsam Gurjun (Dipterocarpus turbinatus), Saro (Cinnamosma fragrans), Rosemary (Rosemarinus officinalis ct verbenone)

Ginger (Indonesia): Antibacterial and expectorant.  Warm stimulant which bolsters the immune-system and can be used for immune system related inflammation such as RA.  Supportive in both respiratory system and digestion.  Most commonly used for stomach related issues as it helps regulate gut microbiome and has anti-inflammation properties.  Energetically associated with heat and fire.  For more on Ginger’s use in ancient times, find this research report from 2015 on Ginger comparing Iranian Traditional Medicine (ITM) and modern research.

Balsam Gurjun (Malaysia): STRONG antioxidant + Immune bolstering support to the body.  Calming to the nervous system with anti-depressive effects. As a resin – it generates when injury occurs to tree – wound, self- healing properties.

Saro (Madagascar): In Malagasy it is called “mandravasarotra” meaning “that keeps illness or evil away”. The meaning is a general term for plants used to neutralize spells.  This comes as no surprise as the plant is used as a general tonic for the body and used for its respiratory (coughing, asthma), anti-infection (wounds, abscesses) and immune-stimulating properties.  Recent research points to anti-oxidant properties, memory support and stress reduction.

Rosemary v. (South Africa): Strong support for healthy lung activity, particularly with congestion from a cold or the flu useful as a mucolytic and minor support of inflammation.  High in Ketones, this particular Rosemary is great for skin and can help heal older scars.  Relaxing to the nervous system.

How to Use: For diffuser or inhaler use only. Considered pre/post natal safe, however, if you are pregnant or nursing, have a medical condition, or are taking medication, consult your doctor prior to use.

Choose from:
Single Inhaler: GREAT WAY TO SAMPLE!  1 inhaler with the selected blend.  Unscrew the bottom and for best results place up the nostril and inhale.  Remove from nostril and return cap to inhaler for next use.
– Essential Oil blend 2ml: Approximately 40 drops which can be used in diffuser or inhalers.
– Essential Oil blend 5ml: Approximately 100 drops which can be used in diffuser and inhalers.

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Blend 2ml, Blend 5ml, Ready Pack: Blend 2ml + 5 inhalers, Ready Pack: Blend 5ml + 10 inhalers, Single Inhaler


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