St. John’s Wort


Digestive cleanser
Improves healing of scar tissue
Skin clarifier

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Digestive cleanser
Improves healing of scar tissue
Skin clarifier

Ingredients: 100% natural hydrosol; Certified USDA Organic.
Origin: United States (farmed and distilled).
Botanical Name: St. John’s Wort (Hypericum perforatum)

Uses and benefits:
: Useful as an anti-depressant as it contains mild euphoriant properties.  Particularly helpful with asthenia and seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Used when rising in the morning to help get moving.

Digestion: Cleansing, calming and has been known to reduce colicky spasms.

Skin: Another great skin healer and skin clarifier.  Use with Immortelle hydrosol for scar treatments.

General: Provides some relief for general back pain although not as strong as the infused oil (inquire for details)

Taste: Much like the aroma (green, herbaceous) and dry.

History: Its name is derived from its flowering to be that of the summer solstice on or around St. John’s day on 24 June. Know to be used by the Greeks and Romans for wound healing – during the Middle Ages it was primarily used in magic potions and was added to the moulding process when forming “Freikugel” – a magical bullet that always hit its target.  Historically it has been used for depression, menstrual pain and joint pain – along with wound healing due to its strong antiseptic properties.  Today, it is used extensively for depression.

Safety: KEEP REFRIGERATED or in a COOL PLACE. Should the hydrosol ‘bloom’ or become cloudy discard immediately (all hydrosols are provided in clear glass containers).  If you are pregnant or nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your doctor prior to use.

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