Personalized Holistic Aromatherapy Services

Sunnye has completely changed my life with her essential oil recommendations that are perfectly customized to fit my specific needs. I couldn’t be more happy with the results.

Aromatherapy is an art and science that supports and enhances the body’s natural ability to heal and maintain health with the use of naturally extracted plant essences.

Looking for something natural to help ease stress, chronic pain, skin issues, an on-going illness or discomfort?   Holistic Aromatherapy has been able to support these challenges and more!

Why not try something new?

Right Now Need - Specific Ailment with single item treatment

singular focused need such as, but not limited to – ear ache, bronchitis, asthma, sprained joint, cuts, scrapes, scars, acne, eczema – and more!  This process will be quick!

Take Control of Your Health 30-day Program

a program tailored to your unique self! suited for those wanting to
reduce stress, address digestion issues, migraines,
allergies, skin conditions and more!

Full Body Deep Dive 90-day Program

dive deep into issues in our tissues  designed for those seeking daily treatment with a holistic approach – suited for chronic conditions, cancer patients, multi-year muscle pain and more