My Story

Sunnye Goldston has spent 20-years in technology the last 10-years working her way to a mindful lifestyle!  She is now dedicated to showing others just how simple it can be!  
She focused her love of natural living and data to become a Certified Aromatherapist and now helps demystify these powerful natural techniques for others.  Sunnye’s approach to Holistic Aromatherapy includes the power of plant botanics with energetics to heal the body + mind.
Sunnye is now a Mindful Lifestyle Mentor bringing all of her experience in self-care techniques and mindful living for those seeking balance in their busy lives.  You’ll find her at and her wellbeing kits and aromatherapy products here.  She specializes in collaborating with you for YOUR needs so reach out!   Custom products are at no additional charge.

Products for the soul.  I hope you enjoy!


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